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Craftex 2071 Lathe Mill Combo Questions

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Rodney Young

H-M Supporter - Premium Member
H-M Supporter-Premium Member
Mar 8, 2016
Hi All,
I just purchased a used 2071 machine (owners manual calls it a HQ400/3AMulti purpose Machine), that doesn't appear to have had a lot of use and is cosmetically in good condition. Of course I had to take it apart before using it! Mostly to be able to transport it as the sucker is a lot heavier than I had expected.
Nothing obvious jumps out at me regarding the condition other than the none sealed bearings and the cheesy feed screw engagement system. All issues that can be dealt with/ worked with.
Need to recheck the parts list and pull the drive engaging mechanism for switching from lathe to mill drive as it doesn't appear to have a detent that holds it in one position or the other, may just need a new spring or something? (surely there is a detent of some type in there but if there is its not in the manual).
This is my first Chinese machine, bought it because the price was right and the milling portion of it actually looks pretty robust.
As this is an older machine I was hoping we might have some members who had some experience with this unit and could give me a heads up on things to look for, and the quality of cut I can expect from this?

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