Custom 12 Inch Press Brake


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H-M Supporter Gold Member
Apr 12, 2011
Well gang, I had a project that required special tooling to complete it. I am restoring a gas pump and the computer face plates required a 45 degree bend inside of a rectangular cut out. The face plates are reproductions that weren't finished properly. My standard box brake was not up to the task and so made a custom 12 inch brake that can accommodate special tooling for special bends. Here is what I came up with.

12 Press Brake 01.JPG 12 Press Brake 02.JPG 12 Press Brake 03.JPG 12 Press Brake 04.JPG Press Brake 01.JPG Press Brake 02.JPG Press Brake 03.JPG Press Brake 04.JPG Press Brake 05.JPG

Press Brake 06.JPG Press Brake 07.JPG Press Brake 08.JPG Press Brake 09.JPG Press Brake 10.JPG Press Brake 11.JPG Press Brake 12.JPG Press Brake 13.JPG Press Brake 14.JPG Press Brake 15.JPG


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Sep 2, 2013
Looks like those face plates appreciate all your effort on their part. I'm sure now that you have it, you'll find more uses for it. Mike


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Jan 2, 2014
Great Job!
Thanks for sharing it.

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