Delta 14" Wood Metal Bandsaw - Rebuild

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Mar 3, 2013
I purchased a Delta Model 28-380 Wood/Metal bandsaw from Craigs List in 2016. It has the art-deco cast iron base. It appears to have originally come from an industrial plant (paper tag on motor says "good motor for bandsaw building 50"). The previous owner kept it in a dirt floor basement. I suspect it had been sitting
unused for at least 10 years before I purchased it.

One of the cast iron pieces of the base was broken but I did find a reasonably priced replacement on eBay. I didn't take any before pictures. I have it dissembled and I've started cleaning it up. The major pieces will be de-rusted using electrolysis.


The motor was rather rusty and desperately needed new bearings but did run. This was cleaned
up with an angle grinder, primed, painted, new bearings and a new starter cap. Although the old
starter cap worked it was leaking so I ordered a new one. The bearings were replaced with double
seal 6203 bearings. I have included pictures of the motor tag and wiring diagram in case someone
needs this info in the future. The original capacitor was marked 110V 60CY 400-480 MFD.
It was 3 3/8" long and 2" in diameter. My replacement is electrically the same but physically


Below is the first item out of the electrolysis tank. This was after about 5 days.
One day was lost because the sacrificial electrode was so dirty it was no longer
doing anything. The sacrificial electrode really needs to be cleaned every day
for efficient operation, it get rather gross. Cleaning is just scraping with a putty

This item is one end of the cast iron base. After coming out of the tank I rinsed
it with clean water and a quick once over with some Dawn dish detergent and a
Scotch-brite kitchen sponge.



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Mar 3, 2013
The 28-380 is 1963 Vintage but I suspect the stand might be older.

Here is a list of the bearing (OD= Outside Diameter, ID = Inside Diameter, WD = Width)
  • Upper & Lower guides, Marked "77500 ND 3200", OD 30mm ID 10mm WD 9mm - Ordered(2) - 6200LL
  • Upper Wheel, Marked 87502 - Didn't measure had in stock(2)
  • Lower Shaft Belt Side, Marked Z4973L06V, OD 55mm ID 30mm WD 13mm has retaining ring - Ordered(1) 6006-2NSENR
  • Lower Shaft Blade Side, Marked ND 87206, OD 52mm ID 26mm WD 15mm - Ordered(1) WD87206 (hardest to find)
  • Gear, Marked ND 5206, OD 62mm ID 30mm WD 15/16" - Ordered(1) 5206
  • Gearbox, Marked Z973L01, OD 28mm ID 12mm, WD 8mm - Ordered(3) 6001
  • Gearbox, Marked 77R12, OD 1.625" ID 0.75" WD 0.4375 - Ordered(1) R12
  • Seal, Marked 63x141, OD 1.375 ID 0.75 WD 0.3125 - Still looking for a reasonably priced one
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