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Delta 15-125 drill press

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Jun 22, 2012
A little story about this one. A friend of mine in Texas works at a scrap yard and he knows I am always looking for vintage machines. This one showed up and after getting a freight quote I said screw it and i just drive down from Michigan to pick it up. So I left at 8:00 on Thursday evening, arrived at 2:00 Friday afternoon and loaded it up. Byrd it to the bed of the trade, taped it, and strapped it down good. Met with some friends on Saturday morning, left at 2:00, and was home in Michigan by 10:00 Sunday morning.
So I don't want to hear any of you guys boo hooing because you saw a machine for sale cheap but said its to far away! LOL. I drove 1200 miles one way without stopping except to pee, get gas, and more coffee. A little over 18 hours each way. For the right machine I would do it again in a heartbeat, it was an epic adventure!
This is what I went after to save from the scrap shredder. It's as tight as can be, needs minimal cleaning, a good oiling, and very little light rust on the bed to be removed.

This was on the trailer at my friends house in texas and in my driveway in Michigan.

I took it to my work to untarp it and use an overhead crane to lift it up and set it on a dolly I made to get it off the trailer at my house, it weighs around 700lbs. Look at the table, not a mark on it! It's gonna clean up great.

Here you can see it sitting on the dolly and strapped down to the trailer again for the ride home.

The set up at home to get it off the trailer, heavy 6" channels.
And a rope wrapped around the jack for a brake.

Worked like a charm!

This is an awesome drill press! Only thing that needs repair is the elevation crank to raise the machine head and ram up. It should be an easy fix.
I never see these around here for sale and if I do they are pretty beat up. I think this one sat in a warehouse for a long time forgotten about.
I'm very excited to get this machine, it's all the drill press I will ever need as a hobbyist.
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H-M Supporter - Sustaining Member
Sep 25, 2013
Nice looking machine, like a small radial drill press -- Good for you -- Jack
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