DIY steady rest spider.

My steady rest spider turned into a bigger project because the roller shafts do not retract to utilize the diameter of the steady rest.

I made new shafts from O1 tool steel with bronze tips.

The spider is made from a 2.5” diameter scrap of some grade of steel, it machined nicely. I will thread for the 8 spider screws m10x1.5.

First time using my rotary table, I supported the work directly under the bottom of the spider body because of the lack of rigidity of the rotary table mounting. I need to build a right angle mounting plate and look into rotary table tail stocks.






Next will be plugs to fit and center the spider in the rest between a dead center and tail stock center.
Is that a Grizzly steady? I had to made additional fingers for mine (G4003G) as well. They were too long to use the full capacity of the steady.DSC_1058.JPGDSC_1068.JPG
Made something similar for octagon barrels - nice work. Did i see you were going to add sliding plugs under screws to prevent marring?