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H-M Supporter - Gold Member ($25)
Feb 18, 2016
Testing, testing, I'm just testing
I have nothing better to do
I'm feeling weak and feeble
I think I have the flu

I want to buy a lathe so bad
I can taste is in my mouth
Not sure what to get just yet
a Logan, Jet, or South

I also want a great big mill
a Bridgeport would be fine
but I don't have the money
to make one truly mine

I'll have to use a hammer
to chisel out a groove
and file it down by hand
to make it nice and smooth

And when I get my shop complete
I will fix the gas and diesels
and be thankful I was vaccinated
against that dreadful measles

This ends my silly test
I know it's not the keenest
It's just a random rambling
from a hobbyist machinist :grin:
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