Enco compact8 "crossslide spring" replacement

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Feb 3, 2017
G'day all!

Trawled the forums and google looking for this answer to no avail.

I need to replace the spring in the dial of my cross slide.. I just found it is missing (yes, still rebuilding it).

Anyway, the emco partslist puts it as
"B2A 000 080". "Spring"
I suspect it is simply a bent piece of clock spring that puts tension on the dial to allow it to spin with the handle, yet still a low some movement to zero the dial.

I have no original so no dimensions except the terrible picture in the parts manual. I see I can order one from the UK... but the shippings a little (ahem) pricey for it.

Anyone have the dimensions or a way I can retrofit something to do the job?

Thanks in advance.
Melbourne, Australia


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Dec 8, 2015
Anyway, the emco partslist puts it as
"B2A 000 080". "Spring"
In case your not aware, the Emco lathes are not the same as the Enco brand mentioned in these posts. Emco is an Austrian company. Enco was a US tool and machine company (now owned by MSC). - mostly rebranding chinese machines. Maybe post in the "General Forum." Hopefully some of the good folks can help you out. I have seen some Emco posts there. Good luck!


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Dec 20, 2012
I don't have the lathe in front of me but I remember seeing that spring on the one I rebuilt. It looks like the picture and is just a piece of thin blue spring steel. It sits in a shallow slot behind the handwheel so you can just make one by taking the dimensions of the slot. The convex part that contacts the indexed hub does not do so with a lot of pressure; just enough to help it resist turning with vibration. Be sure to grease the spring so it slides easily. Hope that helps.
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