Erickson Quick Change 30 Tooling And Sources Resource.


Jan 16, 2014
After a year of trying to find tooling for my Bridgeport Series II Mill with a Erickson Quick change 30 spindle, I thought I would share some of the information I have with others so their task of searching will not have to be so difficult. It has been said that the tooling for QC30 is drying up. I agree. But it is not all gone. This will include where to get some of them, and I have provide part numbers as I could for the off brands. Please forgive the formatting. The website condenses all the tabs and spaces after I copied it over.

A copy of this list is up on my blog site.

The following manufactures follow the Erickson fit with nearly all their tooling. I have tried and verified at least one tool of the starred brands to work.

*Kennametal (Mostly USA)
*Erickson (USA) (Brand of Kennametal)
*Collis (USA)
*Lyndex (Japan)
Briney (Made in the U.S.A.)

The following Manufactures have some of their lineup that work on the Quick change nut.
I have tried and verified at least one tool of the starred brands to work.

Some ETM
*Some APT tooling (A brand of Michigan Drill company)
*Some Bison (Toolmex) Tooling (Poland made only)
*Some Tech-Leader Tooling
*Gloster tooling in the U.K. has some. (Made with M12 drawbar thread)

KBC, Travers, and JTS ore distributors with on line websites.

KBC has:

APT Jacobs Taper Adapters
Bison end mill holders

JTS has:

APT More taper adapters
APT end mill holders
APT Shell and face mill adapters
APT Jacobs Taper Adapters
Bison Shell mill arbors
Bison End mill Holders


Bison is a Brand of Toolmex. Only the rotary tools made in Poland by Toolmex have quick change ability, and only the part numbers that end with a Q are Quick Change. Beware.

Bison Quick-Change NMTB End Mill Holders

Bore(in.) Catalog No. Toolmex Number

3/16 7-165-005Q 8-310-005Q
1/4 7-165-008Q 8-310-007Q

3/8 7-165-010Q 8-310-010Q
1/2 7-165-015Q 8-310-015Q
5/8 7-165-020Q 8-310-020Q
3/4 7-165-025Q 8-310-025Q
7/8* 7-165-026Q 7-165-026Q
1* 7-165-027Q 7-165-027Q

Bison Quick Change 30 7 pc end mill holder set 3/16, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4,1
7-165-300Q (same as 8 Piece set minus 7/8" holder)

Bison Quick Change 30 7 pc end mill holder set 3/16, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4,7/8,1

Bison Shell Mill Holders

Size Catalog No. Toolmex Number

1/2 7-060-005Q 8-320-005Q
3/4 7-060-010Q 8-320-010Q
1 7-060-015Q 8-320-015Q
1-1/4 8-320-020Q 8-320-020Q

Bison Drill Chuck Arbors

Size Catalog No. Toolmex Number

JT3 7-052-033Q 8-332-033Q
JT33 7-052-0333Q 8-332-0333Q
JT6 7-052-036Q 8-332-036Q

Travers has Shell mill arbor TTC brand (Travers Tool Company house brand) Supposedly compatible. I have not tried them.

Size Catalog No.

1/2 67-230-032
3/4 67-230-048
1 67-230-064
1-1/4 67-230-080

KBC has APT tooling (made in USA)

End mill holders

Size Part# APT Part #

3/16 1-543-009 QCE3-187
3/8 1-543-010 QCE3-375
1/2 1-543-011 QCE3-500
3/4 1-543-013 QCE3-750
7/8 1-543-014 QCE3-875
1 1-543-015 QCE3-1000
1-1/4 1-543-016 QCE3-1250

Shell mill adapters

Size Part# APT Part #

1/2 1-543-025 QCS3-500
3/4 1-543-026 QCS3-750
1 1-543-027 QCS3-1000
1-1/4 1-543-028 QCS3-1250
1-1/2 1-543-029 QCS3-1500

Morse Adapters

Size Part# APT Part #

1 1-543-001 QCM3-1
2 1-543-002 QCM3-1
3 1-543-003 QCM3-1
4 1-543-004 QCM3-1

Jacobs taper adapters

Size Part# APT Part #

1 1-543-035 QCJ3-1
2 1-543-036 QCJ3-2
3 1-543-037 QCJ3-3
4 1-543-038 QCJ3-4
6 1-543-039 QCJ3-6
33 1-543-040 QCJ3-33

Gloster Tooling, U.K.

Gloster Tooling is a retail distributor in the U.K. They Carry The only (NEW) ER collet chucks to fit the Erickson spindle that I could find available at a reasonable price. I have them and they are really nice. The large names like Kennametal, Collis, Briney, Lyndex, etc. carry them but cost is prohibitive for a Personal machine shop. Erickson quick Change still has a strong following throughout the U.K. and Europe.

Gloster Tooling does most of it’s sales in the US through Ebay. Most of the items they carry is there, but you will want to peruse their catalog online. Choose the Engineering catalog for the tooling. Be aware that being in the U.K., most of the tooling is Metric in some way, but there are still some legacy English stuff made and sold. The Collet chucks and Jacobs taper adapters are all for a M12 drawbar. Not a issue if you are using The Ericson Nut, but still should be ready with the right drawbar if the nut breaks. They say to call to get their FULL line of Quick Change compatible tooling.

The Collet chucks are made in Germany Not so much for me but others in the USA may want Metric Quick Change end mill holders and shell mill holders. Gloster has them.

QC ER collet chucks

QC30-ER16 collet chuck without wrench QC30-ER16-040M
QC30-ER32 collet chuck without wrench QC30-ER32-060M
QC30-ER40 collet chuck without wrench QC30-ER40-100M

QC Drill Chuck arbors

QC30x 3JT drill chuck adapter QC30-JT3-050M
QC30 x 6JT drill chuck adapter QC30-JT6-021M

QC Boring Head Shanks

QC30 1.1/2”x 18 Boring Head Shank QC30-CBI1500-025M
QC40 1.1/2”x 18 Boring Head Shank

Shars carries an ER16 (202-1410) and a ER 32 (202-1411) collet chuck that just needs the outside of the flange diameter cut down slightly. I have them and they modified easily.

Erickson 30QC Spindle Locknut (main nut on end of spindle)

Erickson QC30QCLN (obsolete)

Bridgeport (hardinge) LOCKNUT ASSY #30 QC BP 11570801 $450.00

Kennametal - 1065089 (available through MSC only. MSC Part #: 65000648 ) $215.96 (I purchased this part and it is complete with screws.)

Erickson 30QC Spanner Wrench

Erickson - 1026671 - Rotary Tool Holder Hardware | Type: Spanner Wrench (available through MSC) (Erickson)Mfr Part #: 1026671 MSC Part #: 84956226 $66.13
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Jan 16, 2014
Update: Shars has now posted some end mill holders that they say have the right flange thickness and diameter to fit the Erickson Quick Change spindle. I have ordered a 1/4" end mill holder and will report back on the fit. Hopefully I'll have enough time to test the runout and overall fit and finish too. These are sold individually. The ones in the sets do NOT claim to fit and are a different color.

1/4" 202-5609A
3/8" 202-5602A
1/2" 202-5603A
5/8" 202-5604A
1" 202-5607A

It looks like they are changing all of them over to the new style, but still have some sizes in stock of the old style left and might go new style when they order/make more.

Shars is also showing erickson compatible NMTB 40 end mill holders in the new style.


Oct 3, 2015
Thanks for the update, I need a few extra holders and am glad to see someone has them in 1/4", and the ER styles. The flange difference won't affect my set up because I gun drilled the spindle and use a power drawbar.
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