Fall Hershey purchases

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2 Armstrong machinist jack's $10
45 assorted reamers $50
3-1/2" vise $60
1/2" cutoff blade $8
3/8" square end t handle wrench for my lathe chuck $1
Wire and metal gauge "gauge" $5
Chunk of random metal - free sitting by trash can when guys were packing up




As usual, the weather was all over the board, from short's and t-shirts to pants and jackets today. And of course....the rain! Thankfully the flea market fields are on blacktop. Show field was a bit disappointing.
I used to work at Hershey for Pypes Exhaust. I never had time to walk around. Now that I don’t work for them anymore I don’t have any time to go. It’s a shame because there’s a lot of good deals to be had there. Another really good show for tools and tooling is Moultire Swap Meet. Unfortunately it’s in Georgia, another show I used to work at.
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