Great News, Shaper Makes Chips

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Sep 5, 2014
Earth shattering ain't it. It was for me. chuckle. My friend was selling some tools from an estate. One of the tools was a patternmakers toolchest. He had some very fine tools, E.A.Berg and Wm. Marples&Sons chisels. I'm a retired millwright with a woodworking hobby.

After agreeing on a price, he asked "What is this?"

"Oh, that's a baby shaper."

"A What? "

"It peels metal."

"For $50 more, you can have it. "

"Yeah, I guess so." I'm just busting out all over at the thought of another project.

The shaper is a 6" (7" stroke) shop built. They made it out of welded steel . It has three pulley speeds and a clutch. Pretty standard small shaper arrangement except it's left handed, the clutch lever and cross feed handle are on the left side. Easier to build. At one time there were more sawmills around Vancouver than any other place in the world. Most of the old sawmills had their own machine shops . I figure from the construction style of the base, angle iron and square headed bolts, it was made in sawmill. The quality of the machining suggests that as well.For dating it, they used 1 5/8x 3 5/8" 2x4s. They changed over to 1 1/2' x3 1/2 in the late sixtes. The motor is 1/3 hp Tamper , fifties?.

They used an expanding shoes in a drum for the clutch The stroke is adjusted by bolt holes on the yoke, as was the feed.

When I started working on the shaper, I worked from the jack/clutch shaft out . I made it and the motor easily adjustable. Then by adding and subtracting shims to the square ways on the ram I tightened it up. They had used a ratcheting box end for the feed . I switched over to a fine tooth 1/2" drive ratchet and welded a slotted bar on it. I'm getting .0014 per click.

It not finished. I' ve got a revision to do on the skate. It didn't come with one but had provision for one. Nor did it have dials. I got a couple from Grizzly, a 50 and a 100, so I can use 7/16"x 20 high grade redi-rod and 1/2"x 10 acme for feed rods. The Chinese vise needs more work. I need to make couple of toolholders, one certainly for internal keyseats. I have a job for it when I'm finished. Isn't that always the way??

I'm an old phart. When it comes to my skill set, computers aren't in it ! So no pictures, though the jack shaft adjustment is worthy.

Bob Korves

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Jul 2, 2014
Find some young whippersnapper to take and post some photos for us. It sounds quite interesting. There is a rule on this forum, "No pics, it never happened..."


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Apr 12, 2011
Sounds like a pretty cool machine. I too would very much like to see it.

Ya know, a lot of us are "life experienced" members here on HM and have learnt the complexity of the computer. I am quite sure that once you put your mind to it you can learn to post pictures just like a pro. If we can do it, we know you can. Give it a go, it really isn't all that difficult once you figure it out. The only thing that is required is a way to take the photos. There are many here that are more than willing to help you through the process.
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