Guesstimate on die set for a part like this...

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Hi All
This part has .020" thick top and side walls. The side walls are .25" high. The D symbol in this pic is an extra .050" of material but if I could have a die for it made then it would just be pressed out. The holes are 13/64" and 3/32".
Does anybody with die sets experience have any idea what it would cost me to have the necessary punch(s) and dies(s) made to get this done?
I would be making these pickup covers out of 24 gauge nickel side sheet.
This would be low volume so I'm thinking the die set(s) would probably be way to much $ and it would be better for me to have these made of plastic via high-end 3D printing.
Lastly, I want the body of these covers to have a shiny nickel plated finish with the upper D being black enamel and the lower D being red enamel.
That kind of complicates things.

Neck Humbucker cover w: adjusted holes 3D.jpg


Infinitely more than you want to spend.
The plating and painting are post process and can not be done with a die set at the current level of technology existing on Earth or Mars.
We charge our customers $1500 and more for a simple die set for our internal use. You are looking at many times this!
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