Harrison L5


Dec 21, 2016
Recently, I've bought a Harrison L5. It looks like a mk2 model as far as I can see.20181001_230446.jpg
It has some issues..
The first thing on my "to do" list is fixing the clutch mechanism. There are a few bits and pieces missing. In the photo's you can see that the clutch lever is not connected. 2018-10-02 22.52.12.jpgThats missing part #1 (missing link..)
Inside, the pin (red arrow) has to be pushed back to actuate the clutch. The green marked part pushes directly against the pin. My guess is that the pin has to hold some kind of ring/bushing for the green marked part to push against. 2018-10-02 22.50.40.jpg
Can anyone give me some info on this (photo's/drawings??).
Maybe that will also get me to understand how the clutch is supposed to stay engaged when I let go of the lever...

All help is appreciated.