Looks real interesting. I bookmarked it to look it over in more detail tonight.

Thanks much,

Thanks, Tom. Bookmarked it as well. The scissor clamps caught my attention right off.
If you look at their list of "builders" Frank Ford is the first on the list.
Hey I know that site! HomemadeTools founder here. We have a new ebook out: How to Make a Belt Sander. 100% free of course. Click the graphic below to check it out:

Hi HMT, and welcome.

Would any of your people be interested in making a video or videos of their projects?
If so, we will sponsor them for the promotional courtesy at the beginning and end of the video, and post them on youtube.
How does that sound?
I've been going to that sight for a few years now. Got some nice ideas from there. Some look real nice but usually only pics. A few times I wished they had prints available.
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Hi Nels - we actually have no official homemadetools.net videos; members make videos and then embed them on our forum. Interestingly, we already do have a good bit of member overlap and cross-promotion. For example, here's a recent post on our forum from a common member. And we have 306 homemade tools indexed from hobby-machinist.com. All of the indexed tools link directly to posts on this forum (with good direct-to-post links, like this), and each one is of course fully credited to its builder. So hopefully you guys already notice a steady stream of incoming traffic from our site.
Yes, I already noticed that. I was thinking if your people create some videos on Youtube, we would sponsor them, which simply means, we would pay them a small stipend, and our name would be shown. Details to be worked out.