How to replace gears in the QCGB on an 820 without selling a kidney.

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Mar 26, 2014
I recently purchased a 1945 Logan 820 that had gearbox problems. Thought it was one gear missing but it ended up, when I tore it down, that it was two 16/32 gears, a 40t gear and a slider gear for the lever on the gearbox. I did find the slider gear on Ebay but no luck any where on the others. Logan wanted $480 dollars plus shipping, way beyond my budget. I started looking for alternitives. On Ebay I found 2 SB gears (D6629) I think. I also found a 40t gear that didn't show a part number. They were the correct DP and diameter but the bore was too small and the width was to large. I reached out on this forum for help and was contacted by Tom Knopp at Hill Top Machine Works. Tom took the new gears and machined them to match the originals and installed new bushings. Worked perfectly. I am up and running thanks to Tom. Please check the video. Well worth watching. Any way, I have $115.00 invested in parts and labor which means I have $815.00 in a 820 Lathe which operates great! Please check Tom's YouTube channel, lots of good stuff!


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