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Nov 13, 2017
Well, other than my reply in the Math Section, I have not posted for a while! I have been in the Process of setting UP my Shop Area.

I've not had a ~Real Shop~ for Aye, 8 years Give or take an Inch. So I am going slow, thinking it out . . .

But my Post here is a GOOF, that happens to most of us: All of us, who Live inside the Zone called "The Great Pacific NorthWET !!!

Another issue was I Could Not do my Packing up when I moved from my shop, so Locating My TAIG Lathe, I found the bed with a Slightly heavier than "Surface Rust". To Clean this up, I used my Klingspor Grit Erasers !!! If you are not familiar with Klingspor, they are The BEST Sandpaper producers In The World!!! OK, that ~was~ a POV, but having sanded Several Thousand Square feet of Hardwood Flooring, our Company ALWAYS used Klingspor, unless our dealer was ~inbetween shipments~, then we bought 3M.

the Sanding Erasers are the size of a thick deck of cards and come in Course, Medium and Fine grades. I have the bed nice and clean, and for Protection I rubbed in a small amount of Brea Wax. This is often found More in Fine Woodworker Stores and is generally considered for a Final waxing of newly created furniture.

However, It Works GREAT as a surface protectant on steel, as I used it, or for Table Saw beds, or other tools the get around High Humidity.

I wish I could say that was the Limit of my rust problems, but I can say that was the Largest object. I De-Rusted & cleaned countless drill bits, and Nuts and Bolts, etc.

For this, I used Plain White Vinegar, and TIME. If you use it, Do Not discard the ~rusty~ Vinegar: store all of it in a Clear bottle, and then use more clean Vinegar, and Store That up. When you have "enough" to ~Process~ get a funnel, put a single layer of Paper towel in it, then that paper towel will FILTER out the rusty particles. You will eventually wear out the acidic properties of the Vinegar, but I am on my Fourth Re-Use and it is still doing the job, just a bit slower.

Vinegar is Much less Caustic than "Naval Jelly" smells better, and unless you have an Open Wound, it is very friendly to your skin, And the Environment!

That is all for now, I have a couple other items for next time!


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