KO Lee Tool & Cutter grinder grinding wheel question?

Technical Ted

H-M Supporter - Gold Member
H-M Supporter Gold Member
Nov 5, 2016
I've been checking out some specs on KO Lee T&C grinders. Some models have a separate motor and belt driven spindle. Appears the grinding wheel arbor size is 5/8".

For you that run these, do you buy wheels (straight, cup, dish, etc.) with a 5/8" hole or do you make/buy adapters so you can run the more standard 1-1/4" wheels?

Comments welcome, Thanks.

Cooter Brown

863 Bronze
H-M Supporter Gold Member
Nov 23, 2017
I have a KO lee cutter grinder and yes I use a spacer to run 1-1/4" wheels and it works great.... The spacer came with the machine, its plastic but you can use whatever you have on hand.... When I need to make one for a different thinner wheel I will most likely use delrin or aluminum....

I have been thinking about making an adapter for surface grinder arbors to mount on the KO Lee.....
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