Lathe Mentor Needed In Indianapolis, In

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Jan 5, 2012
I have a small amount of experience as an operator after working in a machine shop for about a year, but I've never owned my own machine or been able to take courses. I make mechanical/kinetic artwork at home outside of my welding job, and I would like to buy a lathe so that I can make some of the parts and simple fixtures that I need. It's getting old always having to find someone or go to a shop just to make a bushing or turn down a shaft. I'd like to learn some important basics so I can make a good second investment in a lathe. That first one? That didn't go well. I've come into a small amount of money, enough to buy a machine that is not total junk, and I'd like to not repeat my mistake. Also, really, I just love machines! We have a Bridgeport at work that I could probably use on the weekends or after hours, and I have no idea how to set it up to do any jobs. That's ridiculous!

Thank you to anyone who might be able to show me some basics and teach me about machining and the machines themselves.
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