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Sep 19, 2018
I have a chance or opportunity to purchase a Cincinnati lathe from a widow. The lathe is a 12 1/2 X48" Cinilathe 220V.
. Neither she nor I have a clue as to value. It appears in average condition and has been setting the last 8 years or so. I did not see a steady rest or a 4 jaw chuck. The garage that it is in is in such disarray that it is hard to tell much about the machine. If you were considering buying a "pig in a poke" as this what would you consider a fair value? The machine was last used about 8 years ago. AFAIK the machine is in working order.
I have no idea about the external gearing or accessories. It had a 3 jaw chuck and a tail stock.
There was also a small milling machine and a band saw. I have no idea how to value the equipment. I lean toward a flat price and who knows who comes out on top. How would others handle this situation?
The deceased was my friend and he was a borderline hoarder. It is hard to tell what one would find in cleaning out the garage and what goes with the lathe. Any thoughts are welcome.

Al 1

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Sep 11, 2011
Wv, There may be some good stuff there. But if you purchase a bunch of stuff that you have no knowledge about, what is the sense?
If she is not in a hurry to clean out, you can research the items. This will take time. Maybe you can help her sell some items and make a deal on other items for yourself (like a commission). Al.


Jan 11, 2014
Be honest in stating you do not know much but would like to buy some/all.

Ask what amount of money to clear out the building and that you would work with her/family to insure family stuff is set aside.

If they need space more than the money they may be downright reasonable and the missing stuff likely found.

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Apr 30, 2015
Whatever you would feel comfortable paying is usually a good way to approach it. Since it's a friend you will probably end up paying less than market value- try to get an idea of how much wear the machines have/ any broken/missing parts
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