Leblond 15 x 54 Servo Shift

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Aug 6, 2013
I have an opportunity to get a Leblond Servo shift lathe 15 x 54 pretty reasonable. It appears to be a late 60's model. When it's running it has a slight noise in the head stock but I believe it is from the straight gears. I pulled the top and from what I can tell it all looks good in there to the oil level can't tell below that. It shifts into every speed fine (or at least what I'm used too, the hunting part till you bump it). It looks like it has the L-0 spindle nose and comes with a 4 jaw chuck, also has taper attachment. Ways appear good, back lash on cross slide is a little excessive but I believe it could either be adjusted out or replace the gib and adjusted out.
I just ran across this lathe locally (which is another plus). I have been searching for another lathe for my shop for the past 5 months. Thought I was going to have to settle for a Grizzly 0709 or Precision Matthews 14 x 40 and I may still have to but I'm not ready to pull that trigger yet. I would like to get a Clausing Metosa but all the ones I have found are too far away to be a deal.
Any information or opinions would be appreciated.
Thanks, Vince


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Oct 14, 2014
You DOG!!!!

I've been wanting exactly this lathe for years. I learned on one 30 years ago. These are VERY NICE lathes. A GREAT example of old American iron.

Even if you need to work on the headstock, you'll have a piece of quality that will only appreciate in value while you use it.

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