Looking for mentor south seattle areas


H-M Supporter - Silver Member
H-M Supporter - Silver Member
Feb 17, 2021
played with model airplanes and such 50 yrs and got burned out so picked up a micro lathe early this year and made and sold some model parts
latest project was a "wobbler compressed air engine that worked . However am hoping to find someone in the south seattle tacoma area that can
show me new things .............Im retired and have lots of time to get with someone with lots of experience>>>if interested and you have time send PM, I can come to your shop within a reasonable distance
Hi Riversidedan,
I only have a couple years of machining experieance.
I have a small shop in Bonney Lake (Praire Ridge). and would welcome the company.
Have been lurking on this site for some time- what a wealth of knowledge!
Not sure how to pm you but if you do we could share contact Info.
is this the guy way out in the sticks with the long driveway??
Ha! No we are not in the sticks but can see them from here!
And the driveway is short!
If you drive south on 214th we are a block from the T intersection
ok thats good news, so I might consider dropping by, how far are u from puyallup?
ok thats good news, so I might consider dropping by, how far are u from puyallup?
Puyallup is about 12 miles from here. You go east on Hw 410 and take a right (south) on 214th at the Safeway then right on Prairie Ridge East.
I dont want to post the exact address on here.
If I can figure out how to pm I will send you my email.
ya I cant figure it out either...anyway LMK when ya do and will drop by sometime
Guys, hover your mouse on the other guy's avatar/symbol. A box pops up. In the box there is a button "Start Conversation". Click it. Start writing. A conversation is a private message. Think you can get it from there... Good luck!