MON Looking for pics or plans for tailstock crank for larger Monarch


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Mar 19, 2015
I have a Series 60, 14" with a very heavy tailstock. On some of these larger lathes they came with a swing-away crank to move the tailstock. I know because I have seen it in the manual and in pics of large Monarchs. I would like to make one myself, since I doubt that anyone would part one off of anything but a junk lathe, and you don't see junk Monarchs very often.

Does anyone have any plans for building one of these?
Can anyone give me several close-up pics of theirs, so I can get some ideas for making my own?
Also, in the pics I have seen, I cannot tell if the gear contacts the lead screw or the rack under the bed. I think mine will have to contact the lead screw regardless, because my rack does not go all the way to the end of the bed. I do not know if the lathes with a crank have a rack that goes all the way to the end.
I will also need info on the pinion gear, if possible, as I need to make or buy one of those for this project.



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Nov 26, 2015
There are some monarchs on e-bay right now with crank handles. Just take your mouse over the picture and it enlarges and you can see some decent detail.
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