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Jun 29, 2014
O.k., so I work in manufacturing. I really, really like manufacturing. But what I like more than manufacturing is the history of manufacturing. I see history as part of the Hobby Machinist mindset - many of us have machines that are over half a century old - it makes sense for us to have an affinity for the past.

Forget the politics, forget the economics, forget the China vs. USA stuff - let's learn and share how things have been made over the decades.

Here is a link to the Manufacturing Heritage Site at the University of Vermont. Check it out! If there is something in your area similar, share it here so we can learn about manufacturing heritage in your part of the world. I'll share some thoughts in a follow on post about what I read in the link, but suffice to say that my current employer is part of the write up and we are pushing 100 years of manufacturing in Vermont. While manufacturing is an endeavor not for the weak of heart in our part of the country - I am proud to be in the thick of it.
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