Maximat 7 Info Needed. Chuck size range.

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Buddy Bronze

Mar 18, 2018
I’m starting to become familiar with my new to me 1972 Maximat 7. It is branded with a red badge which doesn’t seem to be as common as the black badge. I’m trying to learn more about the machine in general. I’m in the yahoo group but the format here is much more user friendly.

There are some interesting differences from the manual specs, such as the spindle nose. It’s threaded 1 1/2 - 8 not the metric 39x4.

The emco badge on the headstock also lists 3400 rpm as max, where as many other machines I see max at 2400 rpm. Could this be simply achieved with a faster motor, or some kit of alternate gearing to get another 1000rpm?

My main question for today is what is the maximum chuck size I can mount? I’m assuming 3”-5” is acceptable, but I’m more interesting in hearing from users and their personal experience. I’ve got my eye on a 5” 3 jaw bison, but it sounds a bit heavy at 12lbs.

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Apr 30, 2015
Hi Buddy, I'm certain your spindle can go to 3400, Emco/Maier bearings are top quality.
You might consider that with a 5" chuck you will only have 1" distance from the ways. 4" might be a better fit


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Dec 20, 2012
Stock Maximat 7 chuck is 100mm, or just under 4".

I think Emco made these chucks but I'm not sure. If they did then it is an Austrian-made chuck and should be very good quality. On their larger lathes, many of the chucks were made by Rohm and are superb. There are at least two 100mm Maximat 7 chucks on ebay right now and the nicer one is only $150.00. If I had to choose between an Emco-made chuck vs a Bison, I would definitely choose the Austrian chuck.
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