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Metex DM-45 mill help please

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Rick in the shed

Registered Member
Jun 7, 2017
G'day , does anyone know much about metex dm-45 mill, in general, as I'm new to all this any info would be great, but in particular ,lifting points - how to sling properly , and PDF manual ,thanks


Active User
Active Member
Sep 5, 2014
It looks a lot like one of the generic clones of the Rong Fu 45. I would check Grizzly for a on line manual.

For slinging , I forgot how I did mine, but if you use a nylon sling and double wrap the column , crossing your eyes under the gearhead. That should get you close enough for your balance point. A nylon sling will choke on the column and carry a fair bit of weight. Lock your head, and for the sake of your feet, stay out from under it.
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