[How do I?] Mitsubishi M70 cuts speed and M44?

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Jan 28, 2017
Through their website I've found about 3 manuals. One that's about the M70 general , one that's about programming and one that's about programming with NAVI or so I think. (Haven't read that far into any of them) On page 125-126 it talks about the cut off tool. Navi Lathe Instruction Manual IB-1500146-E(04.16) Parameter #7, #11, #12. I don't really understand the difference between these. I was thinking cut amount was like pecking depth with a drill and then cut speed was feed rate, but now that I'm looking at this in the manual I now notice there is the feed rate. I'm thinking that changing #11, #12 won't do anything because I think they're using the Reg. No. But if it wasn't what would it do? Currently it takes some 30-45 seconds to "cutoff" the part, which is way to long compared to the Mazak lathes they know how to work.

Then there is also this "M44" that has to be entered at the startup of the machine, but the Mitsubishi guy didn't tell my setup guy what it really does. I have looked at the 3 manuals and can't find anything while searing for anything with 44 in it, that's related.


P. Waller

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Mar 10, 2018
I do not know anything about Mitsubishi controls but m41-m44 is gear selection in general.
The machine will very likely not run at all if no gear selection is specified.

Machine controls do not easily tolerate missing commands, they do so by simply not running until all the questions are answered.
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