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Oct 8, 2014
On my way to the local wrecking yard I noticed a sign for a state surplus store that said "Open to the public", so when I finished perusing the crunched sheet metal, I figured I'd stop on the off chance they might have a used battery for a car I need to sell. No luck in that department, but I did see this Baldor sitting on the shelf, & after cruising the aisles I decided to take a closer look. It's marked as having belonged to a community college about 50 miles up the road. ID plate says 1/2 horse, 1850 RPM. It didn't have a plug attached, so couldn't check it running, but when I noticed the lack of grinding slag in the cover outlets, I figured I'd take a chance. Well, I'm not disappointed that's for sure. About as smooth & quiet as I've ever heard. Guessing it wasn't used much. Screws on the guards don't even appear buggered up from wheel changes. Might be stopping by this store more often in the future :):):)
Debating now on whether this one will get the wire wheels, or the old Milwaukee I picked up a few years back. It's a bit more chipped & banged up, but it was worth the $30 & an hours drive to get just for the quality.



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Oct 18, 2016
Very nice score. Is that State store in Olympia? Next time I head north I might want to swing by.
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