Need help in identifying this tool holder model #

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Aug 16, 2014
This is a Waukesha Cutting Tool Co. spade drill. The bit that fits the drill holder is 1.250" My friend gave me this tool along with these othere bit. The other bits must be the next drill holder size up as the cut out in the 1.250" is quite a bit narrower than the other 4 (which are all the same width and range from 1.312 to 1.437) The 1.375" spade says
1 3/8"

WCT went out of business in 1999 and was sold to another company.

My holder is a MT3 shank. Does any one know the model number of the tool and what the min / max spades are for this holder?

I would like to find the next size up holder as well if any one has one for sale.
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