Need Mitutoyo 511 Dial Bore Gauge stem/body

Packard V8

Feb 13, 2018
I have a Mitutoyo 511-105 Dial Bore Gauge with 1.4" - 2.5" range. I need their next size up lower end, which will measure IDs from 2" - 6". It's interchangeable, having a larger foot with more widely spaced wheels.

I did a fairly extensive search online and could not find a source to buy just the larger stem and foot.

I got the idea of asking here if anyone might have an orphan 2" - 6" stem because I saw a partial set for sale on ebay, but unfortunately, it was the same smaller size as the one I have.

BTW, there's also a still smaller stem and foot which has a .7" - 1.4" range and I'd also be interested in that one, just because.

As long as we're beating the Mitutoyo bushes, anyone have a setting fixture he'd part with?

jack vines
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