New Project for wood workers

T Bredehoft

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Dec 27, 2014
I have a bunch of 100 year old Walnut wood, 15/16 thick, paint on both sides, (can't guarantee clear, but I've seen no evidence of knots0.

It was a cellar door in a house built about 1900 in Auglaize Co., Ohio. It's now in Licking County Ohio.

It had been cleated and screwed and nailed together. I've removed the cleats, cut out the strip where they were and have the remains.

As tongue and groove, they lay up 4 1/2 inches, if the T & G were removed they finish about 3 1/2".

There 7 pieces 50 inches long and 4 1/2 wide Green paint on one side, brown on the other, but they appear to be really good wood.

No charge for the wood, but you gotta pick them up by Tuesday evening. Yea, they'll probably fit in the trunk of a car.

If no one wants them they will probably wind up in a dumpster.

Tom, trying to spread the joy.
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