[CNC] Option tormach pcnc 1100 spindle upgrade with/out tormach product .

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Jun 20, 2018
Hi new at that forum, looking for advice/info on buying spindle for tormach pcnc 1100 and cnc wood router.
No need for atc. For tormach, it will be installed beside the main spindle. It for small tools when needed.
Look at chinese but they are looking the same and each time the information changing. For the same kw motor the price can triple but the information is praticaly the same. One seller told me it is because the more expensive is better build component inside, but at the technical sheet, they are the same spec.?
Can you help me figure out, at the same time I don't want to by a Corvette if I need a pickup?
I would be used on 1020 and aluminum and hardwood mostly.


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Feb 27, 2014
Welcome to the forum Alain. I guess I am not sure exactly what you are asking. Are you saying you have a Tormach 1100 and want add a second spindle? Curious about what the reason for this would be? As for the different prices for Chinese made machines, this has come up many times and from what I can tell, some of the importers will make choices that impact quality and price as part of their effort to optimize those trade-offs for their brand. Think Grizzly, Jet and Precision Matthews for a few examples. I would expect that some of the differences might show up in a spec sheet but others might not. In part because the spec sheets I have seen don't go into all of the engineering details. I would also think that just because it cost more, does not mean that higher quality will be evident. The big question then is how to tell the difference. I think you may have to evaluate and pick an importer that you trust enough to spend your money with.


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May 20, 2013
Is this what you had in mind?


I have an RPM range from 8000 to ~24000. Works great for engraving.
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