OT anyone know anything about trademarks in advertising ???

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I have a product I'm making that attaches to many different brands of tools and I'm having a tough time finding an answer been searching for awhile. say I'm putting them on ebay or etsy etc and I wanna put fits dewalt portercable Makita etc. do I have to put a™ or an ® after each name?? just trying to make sure I don't **** anyone off and post it right when I use someone else's name. there's lots of different folks in here from different backgrounds and lots of knowledge so I figure it was worth a shot. I've found rules for say if they are a competitor and I'm trying to say my widget is better then their widget but I can't find if it's just an accessory that fits their tool and I'm just posting their name thanks for any help :)


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Feb 3, 2016
You will likely have to check each name separately. Some will be trademarked, some will be registered, some both, some neither (rare for any well known brand).
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