OT - Harbor Freight Comes Through

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May 2, 2018
For those who filed a claim against HF in the class action lawsuit, a friend just got his claim.
It came via FedEx.
His claim was for over $2300.00.
He got 10 Harbor Freight gift cards.
It's real - I saw them myself.



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Sep 27, 2014
Never heard of it, did they recall everything ?.


Apr 25, 2017
I got over $400 cash back. I went back thru all my old AMEX bills online and blacked out everything but the HF posts and sent them to the attorneys.
It was no BS, if you could prove what you spent, you were reimbursed. It was the 1st class action where I actually got more than $2.00 back.


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May 31, 2018
It was a bunch of BS class action lawsuit. If anyone can honestly say they were deceived by Harbor freights adds, then they should go back to elementary school. A group of lawyers found an angle, got a bunch of people to sign up, and made them selves a ton of money.

I've just had a scan through that article you posted which suggests that HF were advertising items are reduced price when they were never sold at the higher price int he first place. That sounds pretty shady.

Sure people probably didn't pay over the odds for their goods however if you were looking into buying a machine from two different vendors you might be led to believe that the machine HF were offering is a better machine than a competitor. I bet that bought them a lot of business!

Here in the UK sellers have to sell an item at the higher price for 28 days before they can slap a sale sign on it. Retailers often get round this by selling the goods at one of their remote locations at the full price before going nation wide at the sale price.

After working for one such retailer in my younger days I am now very sceptical of sale items. They would sell bikes for £500 in one of their smallest stores then, when they were half price at £250 roll them out across the country. Customers believed they were getting a £500 bike where in reality it would at best be comparable to a non sale bike at £250 (although in reality were often worse). Sure, those in the know could spot it a mile off but for casual users (i.e. hobby machinists in the example of HF) they are being sold inferior equipment and are being led to believe that they are getting a good deal.
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