Parting, with little sorrow!

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If you are gonna be stupid, ya gotta be TOUGH!
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Mar 29, 2017
I owe a debt to those here who have said, in essence- "Do not be scared, feed it as fast as it will go". Or words along those lines.:eek 2: Much of my parting experience has been, uh, sorrowful. Much chatter, breakage and anxiety. In the last few days, I have come to realize that there were no upside down holders, carbide slivers of parting Nirvana, etc., in the good old days. There were only skilled men, with a number to hit and a deadline to meet.
Acting on this bit of nerve, I resolved to push the envelope a smidge. I will not bore you all with details of the setup, for I don't feel it is relevant. What IS relevant, I believe, is this- I had a sharp tool, set at centerline, and fed it by hand THROUGH the initial chatter to the sweet spot of feed rate. The results were GLORIOUS:grin:. No drama, no chatter, no breakage. The FEEL of the feed rate was my guide. Plunge fast enough to stay out of the chatter, and no more. Be ready, for the rate is FAR faster than I would have thought possible, given my floppy old lathe.
Again, I offer my thanks, and appreciation, for this site and all those who offer their sage advice.
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