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May 4, 2015
April 19th 1975 , Our life together started , by 1978 we had two beautiful little red headed girls . Working hard in my trade 72 hour weeks , saving looking at houses to own one for the rest of our lives . Long hours were taking a toll on us all so I found another job with only 5 hours mandatory overtime and at full rate not like the last cut in pay to get straight time pay. After only a month I was offered the formans position with more income dreams getting close now. July 11-1979 I'm in emergency surgery for a blockage in my spinal fluid flow. Dreams dead. My beautiful wife is now by my side as much as she can three spine operations paralyzed from the neck down. Six months in the hospitals and rehab , my father in law builds a ramp so I can get in and out of our mobile home we had bought to start out in lot rents taking more then we had coming in. My wife's along with me sticking by me . Through aging aunt and uncle needing care we get the house they lived in and by 1980 I was back walking with a cane but dragging a leg and hyperflexion my left knee to stand and walk . By 1986 our 3rd daughter is born. We did ok till 2009 YUPP me again emergency room and pulmonary embolism massive live or die within hours inject clot buster drugs and just as I was leaving and feeling no pain in minutes im back alive in pain again. She's by my side for the entire year of 2009 I was home one month just before thanksgiving. Lost all my ability to walk thru more damage to my spine from the clot . I still got out and worked in my garage daily some days were even long ones when work was there. I made lift tables and jib cranes to keep working . My wife's still with me my father died and my mom went nutty and disowned me . So we've not an easy time ever I hunted and fished till I couldn't , got into trap shooting and became an All American in 2004 . Our oldest graduated magnum cumloude from college and two years more for her master's both of her sisters went two years to college . We have a granbaby our little love bug. There living with us because of no real teaching of economics and the cost are high here . How many of you can say your partner on life's highway of hell would still hang on. TO MY BEAUTIFUL WIFE I LOVE YOU WITH ALL THATS LEFT IN ME. I PRAY FOR ALL WHO SUFFER I REALLY DO KNOW HOW IT FEELS TO HURT . GOD BLESS THIS SITE AND ITS CREATOR AMEN HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MY LOVE


Apr 25, 2017
You're a lucky man. Enjoy the memories you have, they'll get you thru anything.


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Dec 30, 2010
Silver bullet, Through all your adverse situations life has flung at both of you, your story is an inspiration, many a lesser man would have buckled and given up , you did'nt, you hung in there and your good lady also through thick and thin, you have an angel by your side God bless her, I hope we hear of you greatly improving to have more strength to care for your little Love Bug , She sounds a little sweetie.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.


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Sep 22, 2010
My priest always told me that God never gives you more than you can handle.
It is very hard to accept that blindly. At least for me it is.
My wife and I have had our share of rough patches in life. We have been married for over 27 years, know each other 34 years.
She puts up with a lot, not the least of which is all the time I spend on this forum, and all the trials and tribulations that happen here.
About 10 years ago she suggested I take up a hobby because all I did was work, work, work. I decided on antique clocks.
I had to have parts to repair the clocks, so I looked into machining. She let me buy these big machines, and take them apart on our patio.
Then she let me bring the pieces down into the basement. I didn't she liked it, but she let me.
I bet she is sorry now she ever told me to get a hobby.
We aren't rich, but she let me spend money on tooling and such.
We saved for our kids to go to college. Ate a lot of spaghetti to save money.
So many times, I have lost faith, most recently being one of them.
But, I keep on keeping on, and do the best that God lets me.
I pray for guidance.

Keep the faith Silver...
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