PM932 CNC Build


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Dec 3, 2013
Good call on adding the brake to the Z. Not needed with a stepper system but with servos it would get ugly without one. We learned that on the router/mill we build for the high school.

What was the quote from Nook? I've been toying with upgrading to ground ball screws. I recently got a quote from a company in Taiwan that sells ground ball screws. Just to replace the screws and nuts with C5 ground screws and double ball nuts the cost is $1360. I would keep the BK/BF blocks and upgrade the AC bearings. I'm not sure its worth it for a converted Chinese bench mill.

My shops not that big either. The trick is in how you frame the subject to be photographed to not show your shop too much.

Please start a thread and show your work. I look forward to seeing it.


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Sep 9, 2014
It was going to be over $6000 for their XPR Ballscrews + mounts. Needless to say that is not appropriate for this caliber of machine! I put the project on hold for now due to work but have continued slowly collecting parts. $1360 sounds like a steal for ground screws after that. I will stick with the conventional route though and just go with the standard chinese rolled screws from Chai. I will pull the trigger on the ballscrews soon as that's what I really need to start the conversion process and put the pressure on!