Replacement Compound slide for Atlas 10


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Jan 28, 2011
I have started to make a replacement compound slide as my original cast iron one is a repaired one and I do not want to continue to use it.

First you start with a block of steel and square it up. Yesterday I milled out the area for the nut for the screw and the majority of the metal where the dovetail will be. I hope to do the dovetail on the weekend and then surface the top down to the right height for the Phase II tool post.
Only 2 pictures at the moment. Will post more later when there is more to show.

what i started with.jpg hogged out prior to dovetail.jpg
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Re: Replacement Compound slide for Atlas 10" lathe

Stuff like this humbles and amazes me at the same time. 8)

Keep the pictures coming : :)
When I give up finding a used one for my Monarch, I'll build one. Here's a short video of someone building one:

[video=youtube;Xss9GqJrorI] [/video]

OT...ChuckB, since there is an issue on the PM system, I'll ask here. Are you an ARF member?
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Re: Replacement Compound slide for Atlas 10" lathe

Well in watching the video, I see that I will not make as many chips, as I started with flat stock to begin with. Pretty good and basically it is what I will make as well but without the T-slot for the tool post. As the Atlas has a much smaller slide the tool will be centrally located with just a threaded hole to receive the hold down bolt.
Here is an update on the new compound slide. It was delayed due to illness in family, but I am catching up now.

I cut the dovetail this afternoon at a friends place. He has a Busybee mill and as the BP one at work was setup for other stuff for the next few days, I decided to use his. It is also a teaching moment for him as he has limited experience with the mill.

After supper I drilled and tapped the gib screws and cleaned up the burrs etc. I still have to drill and tap for the screw handle mounting plate and drill and tap the tool post hole and likely lower that area a bit as well.

Anyways here are 3 pics.

finished-dovetail.jpg taping-gib-screw-holes.jpg semi-finished.jpg
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Finished. Only broke 1 tap too. ::)

I cut the the slide to give me about 1/4" more extension. As it is made of steel and not cast iron, it should not be a problem. Total travel of about 2 3/4". Note that there is not T-slot just a threaded hole. Sure simplifies things.

Here are the final pics.

front-nose.jpg gib-side.jpg max-extension.jpg all-the-way-back.jpg
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Re: Replacement Compound slide for Atlas 10" lathe

Thanks for posting this. Maybe one day when I get a milling machine, I will attempt stuff like this. Until then I will keep practicing on my lathe. :)
Pdentrem, Nice Work & lots of it. 8)

Questions: What was the source & brand name for the dovetail cutter you used?
I don't have a SB, and can't tell from the pix, are those DT's 45 deg. or 60 deg.?

CDCO has a set of DT cutters, but the price is so low compared to Enco (Import), I'm reeeaal leery. :-\

Thanks for sharing!
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Re: Replacement Compound slide for Atlas 10" lathe

The dovetail cutter was from Doall and 1/2" by 60 degree. As the dovetail is approx. .300" deep you need 3/8" or bigger.
You will not take a full pass the first time thru, I took about 4 passes to rough out the dovetail and then used light cuts to fit the male DT to the new female DT with the gib in place.

Hope that answers your questions.
Re: Replacement Compound slide for Atlas 10" lathe

PD, Thank you! You answered then all. I appreciate the good feed back and tips.