Reverse trip ball lever


Feb 22, 2019
Hello all,

I’m a machinist by trade, just recently purchased a milltronics partner 03 for my shop at home. Going through it and found the reverse trip ball lever for disengaging the quill feed was missing. I was hoping someone could measure theirs for me so I can make one. I see there are cheap options on flea bay and Amazon, but I’d rather just turn one up myself.

Thanks for your help!

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Most of us don't have Machine brand and models memorized. I found this one on the net. How about you take a picture of what you need or have someone point to the part when you take the picture. If it's the long knurled knob that you pull out and push in then it may be the same as many "metric" threaded one used on Bridgeport clones.

It’s similar to a Bridgeport, at least it appears as though the quill feed assembly functions in the same manner. Here is a photo of the part that I’m trying to find dimensions for. Its what disengages the quill feed when the quill reaches the top of travel if you are feeding the quill upwards.

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Monday call H&W Machine repair as they rebuild both Bridgeport's (USA) and Millports (Taiwanese) so they should know.

I found someone locally who had a small mill similar to mine, I was able to borrow his part, took some dimensions with an optical comparator and a mic, and reproduced it out of 4140 pre hard (28-32hrc). It seems to be working fine!

Thank you

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