Rong Fu 45 parts

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Sep 5, 2014
I have a RF-45. It was used as a CNC machine one time in it's life. I bought it off a cabinetmaker when he was closing down his studio. It's got an Advance label ,house brand of Thomas Skinner, but it's an genuine Rong Fu. I had used one at work, I think they are a handy mill. This one was missing parts, like dials ,thrust bearings and crank, so I stopped by the head office of Thomas Skinner and talked to them. They didn't handle them any more and might?? be a able to get parts. Instead I ordered parts from a Grizzly clone and was up and running. When I had the table off I found I didn't have any more backlash adjustment. So I need a couple of the nuts.

Does anyone have contact for Rong Fu ?.
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