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Dec 2, 2016
Saw your post, I'm in Wilton, NH.

I just picked up a 12x36, Mill/Drill and have a Van norman 22L I am working on getting back to working condition.

The Liberal Arts Garage

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Sep 4, 2013
Pleased to hear.... probably too late for me....but there must be many others
hiding in the rusting swarf of a once proud machining region ! BLJHB


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Jul 8, 2018
I've met quite a few guys in south-eastern NH, just driving around to look stuff posted on CL. A couple guys out near Exter, many more out by Salem/Pelham (better commute into Boston metro area I suppose), one or two here and there around Amherst and Milford. Given that these were equipment sales, most were leaving the trade or giving up the hobby - the tariffs on aluminum/steel sure aren't doing us any favors. Oughta be a equal/greater number still in the game, though. Maybe they're unaware of this forum, or don't want to speak up, or prefer using those accursed social media apps.

I'm not too far from Wilton myself, in fact I was just there on an unrelated errand last week. Probably be buying some more fruit trees from the Little House come spring.

Pleased to hear.... probably too late for me
Sorry to hear that. Saw a post last year I think that mentioned poor health. I hope it is manageable even if it keeps you from the hobby.
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