Self Contained Welding Fume Extraction Units

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Jul 9, 2014
Does any one have any words of wisdom or dissent for the use of the portable self contained welding fume filter/extractors that use filter screens to remove smoke particles & are on the market for around $ 2500 USD new .
A friend is considering buying an eBay secondhand one . I've told him to hang on till more info can me found .
For to me it seems strange that there are quite a few on eBay on a regular basis usually coming from commercial premises .


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Apr 1, 2015
What is the application? Home garage? Shop? Production welding in a home garage? Noxious materials? I do a lot of welding in my shop when building frames and never really needed an extractor. It does get a bit a smokey after I've been at it for a while but ,opening a door for a few minutes, usually clears it out. Yes, even in the winter... Doesn't take that much to push the smoke out.
If he isn't doing production work or noxious stuff it really isn't needed.


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Nov 10, 2013
My welding bench is up against the back wall in a corner of my shop. I installed a louvered exhaust fan made to fit between 16" centered studs a couple of inches above the top. It clears the smoke out very quickly and pulls "clean" air past me to breathe. IIRC it was about $100 from Ventilation Direct and doesn't take up any floor space or need filters changed out. It also clears te air when I'm doing heavy cutting on the mill with high sulfer cutting oil. I originally had my welding stuff in another bay and had the same fan setup over there. When I moved the welding equipment into the heated shop I left the exhaust fan there and set up a paint both around it (light duty painting).

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I picked up this Aircology some years ago at a local auction for 200 bucks, I replaced the large Donaldson serviceable filter for another 100 bucks. The top portion filters are washable like the ones found on microwave ovens hood units only larger. I use this unit when welding on nasty galvanized steel and or other questionable material. Its a 110 vac unit and moves plenty of air. It also provides a back flush for the main filter using shop air and the particles drop down to a lower drawer for cleaning. It also has the ability to bypass the main trunk fro side suction with a section or spiral hose. For me, I really try to keep my lungs pink so I can enjoy life and work. They do work well when properly serviced. I think many companies are simply shutting down and units are becoming available. I don't think I would have shelled out the money for a new unit like this as they range from 3K-5K. Many other options to keeps lung clean.IMG_0539.JPG
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