Slicing software can make all the difference to the final print

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Dave Paine

May 10, 2014
This picture shows three different printed small threaded nuts. The background has 1in squares so you can see the size.

I am not trying to make a statement about a given slicing software application, just showing for folks getting into 3D printing that the slicing software can make a big difference in final print quality.

Each nut was printed with a different slicing software. I tried to tweak the settings to be similar, since difficult to make settings the same. The right most nut is a web based slicing software so limited tweaking compared to the other two.


I recommend paying attention to the "Preview" or equivalent menu/screen which shows the slicing result.

The nut in the middle looked like this in the Preview screen and ended up looking as bad in the final print.


I have not found a slicing software application which is best for all my prints. Some are better for certain prints and some better for others.

This post is just FYI that the slicing software may make a difference, sometimes positive, and sometimes negative.
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