Soule Steam Feed Works: Machine Shop Tour!

That’s David Richard’s shop.
He has at least 45 half hour videos working in steam.
I have enjoyed watching most of them.
He turns out good work the old fashioned way.
Lantern tool post and all.
A nice blizzard, a decent internet connection, plenty of popcorn, and I'd spend all the time watching videos of steam engines.

Can you imagine working in a plant like that with all the belts slapping and machinery turning and trying to concentrate on machining a part?
Huh, I started watching the video, it had the same music as Richards videos.
That’s what I get for assuming.
Great job on in keeping the ole machine shop in operation.fasinanating.
Here in RI is a pic of what happens from neglect,old mill in Westerly.,Rhode Island , Potterhill mill ,Haven't found pic's of machine shop yet.But somebody will.


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Almost forgot if mill is demolished , would like to see some of the antique overhead pulley systems salvaged, instead of melted down etc,more to story but later on .....