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I really like these clock movements as they are self contained, good quality, and not too expensive. I used one in my Grandfather clock I made last month. https://www.hobby-machinist.com/threads/grandfather-clock-shrunk.69286/#post-580047
They come in several different styles and sizes. I am using the 3.5 inch model here.


I have a couple of automotive a/c dryers from the 1980s that I had saved to maybe someday make something out of.
So I cut the dryer in half and trued it up in the lathe.


The inside of the tube was about 0.300 larger then the clock so I rolled a piece of this 0.135 thick flat steel into a circle. I cut off the ends and hammered it close to round. It is an interference fit in the tube and the clock fits snugly inside. Can't believe it worked that well.


For the base I turned a couple of steps on a 3" piece of aluminum and drilled and taped for a 1/4 X28 thread and cut it off about 1" thick.


I had apiece of 1/2" X 0.090 thick brass strap which I molded into a bracket for the tube. I used some 0.750 brass rod to make three knobs and I had some 1/4" 28 brass allen screws that I had gotten somewhere years back.


Polished it all up and here it is.


Thanks for looking


There are a number of sellers on ebay.
I purchased 3 clocks from an american seller for about $31.00 shipped.

Thanks for the likes and comments all.
really like the recycling involved. How did you roll the flat into a circle?

Really nice end product.

Cheers Mal
Thanks Mal
I have a HF table top shear press roller setup I bought many years back. Since the flat did not have to be precise I just worked it back and forth in the rollers until it was close. The starting end was worked with a hammer and cut to length.
The clock has tabs to hold it in place and they have are flexible and very forgiving.

You guys never cease to amaze me! Very nice. With fathers day coming up this would make a great gift. Again great job!
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