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  • As some of you know, I have wanted to stop managing H-M for some time. It's a tremendous strain on my personal life. I want to set up my own shop. In September, September 15, to be exact, it will be 8 years that Hobby-Machinist has been in existence.

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Student Fixed Steady

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Aug 15, 2017
Hi all, thanks for the info on the Headstock bearing adjustment, I am still mulling this over.
I have been gifted a fixed steady off a Colchester Student which I have converted to use on my Master Original. The unit is now in good useable condition but the steady inserts, which I think are some sort of nylon, are reaching their end of life. What I would like to know is whether these inserts are press or screwed fit and whether anyone knows if these are still available. I could make some if no longer available but suggestions for the best specification material would be useful.

Best wishes.

May 4, 2015
Not sure how they're mounted but if they're shot I'd use brass or slot them and use ball bearings that will roll instead of rub on the material. Ill be looking or building a steady rest for my logan . Since they sell for more than I paid for my first lathe. 45 years ago. Broken junk they want two hundred bucks . All busted up at most $20. No more. So go ahead it's no good now try unscrewing or pulling the bumpers out , you won't hurt it making it usable .
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