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Taig Mill: Tool Changer, Bldc Motor, Servos

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Jun 12, 2013
Hey guys. So I joined a few years ago, but apparently I forgot and lost track of this forum. Well I found it again, and just finished up this project so I thought I'd share it with you.

Story time: If you've been around a little while, you might remember a few years ago, Dale Walsh made a kickstarter campaign for an ISO15/BT15 spindle sized for the Taig/Sherline/Seig machines. I came to the Hobby CNC scene about 2 months too late to get one, and by the time I got in contact with him, he didn't have anymore. Well I searched for about 2 years off and on, created Ebay auto searches, etc.. Rewind to March.. I found a "new" one on CNCzone with 8 tool holders for $1100 shipped, so I hopped on it. I received it about a week later, and man was it awesome. A little surface staining from being in a bag for 2 years untouched, but nothing too awful.

If you're anything like me, you hate changing tools and that V belt, and you can tell the Taig could handle a little more than that tiny V belt will transfer in terms of power. So i started looking for a motor I could control the speed of.. Obviously I found tons of treadmill ideas, DC motors with adjustable power knobs, etc, but none of those were really what I wanted. I was looking for an off the shelf, standard motor and paired controller that has good power all the way through it's RPM range, could make 10,000 RPM at the tool without causing tool much HP loss, but didn't cost more than my machine. Finally I found the 1100W Sangmutan? motor that people are upgrading to on the G0704-but that was too big and there's a 35+ thread on why the speed controller sucks, how bad it lags in catching up-especially in adaptive milling (HSMworks/Fusion360 etc), and many many fixes you "could" do-but no one has had much success yet- The thread actually drove the manufacturer to revise their design, but only made it slightly better-what to do now? Well buried somewhere DEEP in the thread, in a couple paragraph long explanation, someone mentioned "adlee power has a great motor just like this one." so I looked them up and BAM! EXACTLY what I was looking for. 370W motor with paired controller, accepts analog input to control speed and direction, super quick RPM restoration under load-miliseconds,- just all around exactly what I wanted.

It's now about May and I've received all the parts: BLDC motor and controller, spindle and tool holders, 2 full sets of ER16 collets, all the fittings, a huge chunk of 7075 to make the head, needle valves, air cylinder, 4x8x1/2 peice of 6061 to make the motor mount, HTD-5M 60 tooth pulley, 400 and 425mm belts, and probably a couple other things I can't think of right now. I start designing with these things in mind: Centered tool on the Y travel of the bed with the added 1" extension mod
No loss of Z (i failed at this by about 2" :/ )
Parts able to be made by me on the Taig or 7x16 lathe

This is what I ended up with:
View media item 95443
I quickly learn I've misjudged exactly how big of a piece of aluminum my taig can machine-and that it would take about 6 hours to rough my spindle head, in just one position-but I would need about 3.. So I employed a good friend of mine to help me make the head-We spent about a hour at the waterjet roughing out the basic shape, and then threw it on his Milltronics RH30 in just a couple hours. I made the motor mount on the taig:
View media item 95445Bad planning on my part made me have to backspot the holes for SHCS's
View media item 95446But in the end, I was left with this:
View media item 95449View media item 95448
At some point during all this, I also added Clearpath Servo motors to all 4 axis.

.5HP motor, which means pulleyed at 1.875:1, I'm getting an actual .26HP at the tool at 10,000 rpm
110IPM rapids
Roughing at 16IPM, .075 stepover, .35 deep using Maritool 3 flute ZrN rougher. could probably do more, but I'm worried about vibration and rigidity.

These are the first parts I made. Each one took a little less than 2 hours.
View media item 95451
I hope ya'll like it. I've got more pictures on my instagram, but I thought I'd document it somewhere for real


Registered Member
Sep 16, 2016
That looks great. I have a couple of questions for you.

What model clearpath's did you go with?
What is the model number for the spindle motor? (is it 110 or 220v)

Interested in seeing some video of this little beast run.
I am also considering upgrading to clearpaths and may upgrade my spindle soon as well.
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