The Plasti-Block YouTube Channel Is Now Live!

The Plasti-Block YouTube Channel Is Now Live!

Following a number of inquiries about our plastics including what type to choose and how to use them, we decided it would be beneficial to create an information hub from which we can share our knowledge and experience with you. We have chosen to start a YouTube channel as videos are an excellent way to show, in detail, the many aspects of machining plastics that you may not have previously known or considered. While text and pictures have their own advantages, videos allow you to focus on the nuances in a way that these other forms cannot accurately convey.

Our YouTube channel is aimed at everyone. We uploaded first 4 very short and very basic videos. The plan is to create videos from how-to and tutorials to safety and best practices. We aim to add video content to our channel on a weekly basis.
I really hope that you’d be interested to give us a feedback/suggestions/provocations for topics about machining plastic, as it is vital in helping us to come up with videos that people actually need and want. So we welcome you to share your thoughts, opinions, and recommendations to us through YouTube comments or this Forum.

YouTube is not our first foray into the information sharing realm. You can find a Knowledge Center ( on our blog, along with a section devoted to projects (

Looking forward to everyone’s participation. Hopefully you will be interested to subscribe to our YouTube channel.
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