Tread mill motor

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After seeing what can be done with treadmill motors I’ve been on the hunt for one , I found a free one on CL and here it is.
I don’t think it’s reversible as the brushes are at a slight angle. The flywheel fan didn’t want to come off , I found one of the resistors legs on the card broken , should be able to solder it back together.
I guess my question is what will I have to get to make it work for ?? A belt sander ?.
Thanks for any / all advice
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Left hand thread on flywheel end..if brushes aren't straight across you can still reverse but might have little power loss.looks like a mc60 controller.easy to hook up..I've used same on several machines..pick up any commercial treadmills you can..much larger motors and most have KB controllers..have fun.be safe
Hi Dlane,

Yes reaction brush gear is designed to run in one direction, not that it matters for a belt grinder. Just put the motor on which ever side, so that it runs in the correct direction. Broken and unsoldered component leads are common failures.
A 5k potentiometer is all you need to control the speed. It order to get it to start, you turn the pot all of the way down and then bring it back up. The thing that looks like a transformer is a choke. It smooths out the current and reduces the arcing and hum.
Thanks Guys , yes the flywheel came off easy when turning it the correct way, it seems to have a small shaft for direct drive , still thinking of a compact design for a ? 2x72 grinder , any great designs out there .
keep the flywheel, turn the polyV section down and press your new pulley on. The flywheel is needed for cooling and also helps smooth out the power if the load is intermittent.

Chris, that's an MC60, so you can cut or remove a resistor that is connected to the pot center wiper post to remove that "soft start" feature. I've done it on both of my machines that have MC60s and it works a treat.
A 5k potentiometer is all you need to control the speed. It order to get it to start, you turn the pot all of the way down and then bring it back up.
Alternative: Wire a switch between the center of the pot and the input terminal on the board. This allows you to restart at your original speed - no need to turn the pot down all the way.

When I set up a drill press with a treadmill motor a couple years ago, I was lucky enough to find a switched pot (one with a pull-on-push-off switch on the pot shaft). I use the 110AC switch to power up the board and turn on a light. Then use the pot-switch for motor on-off and speed.

PS - There's a "slow it down gradually" function on the circuit board that's a bit irritating when using my pot-switch. Slows the motor down gradually (a safety feature for a treadmill). I've not yet figured out how to disable this function. "One o' these days" I'll try delving into the schematic and start playing. Probably best to have a spare circuit board on hand when I do it, in case I blow something up ...
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