Vee-Cylinder calculations -- spreadsheet

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Jul 28, 2017
I recently had a need to calculate the height of a cylinder resting in a "V" groove. I thought the spreadsheet I came up with might be useful for others who are making things like kinematic mounts, sine bars etc. So it is attached. While the example parameters are in inches, if you want metric results just ignore the "inches" nomenclature.

Caveat: there is no error checking done so I take no responsibility for bad results. Use some common sense to decide if the result looks reasonable or not, before doing anything you can't undo. For instance, you can enter negative angles for the "Vee" and the spreadsheet will go ahead and produce a result, but you (probably) won't like what you get if you try to make the thing.

One possible use for this spreadsheet would be to check to see if a particular cylinder will fit inside the vee, or if it will rest on the top edges of the vee. How to tell: if the center of the cylinder is higher than the depth of the vee, it will sit on the edges. In this case, the actual height of the cylinder will NOT be the same as the height calculated by the spreadsheet...so beware!

My descriptions of this geometry assume the vee is pointing down, with the cylinder sitting on inside (or on top of) the vee.

The approach I am using seems more intuitive than what's described in Machinery's Handbook -- at least to me. YMMV in this regard.


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