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Vise Handle

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H-M Supporter - Silver Member
H-M Supporter - Silver Member ($10)
Jun 12, 2017
So, my mill vise handle came broken off at the end, looks like people just beat on it with a hammer to tighten/loosen. So it seems like a simple project to practice milling ops on. The corners in the drive hole will be rounded from the end mill, but I don't see that as being a problem for this use.

I see two common types. The type with two holes spaced a few inches apart, and the type with 3 radial handles that look like the handle on the side of a drill press. What do people like to use? I might make both just to try it.

The 3 handle style is what I was considering starting with. I figure I could start with 3" steel round, cut off on the bandsaw and face and turn on the lathe to smooth it all out. Then I would need to index the holes on the side. I guess they don't have to be perfect, but it might be interesting to try. My first thought was to put the blank on a mandrel of some sort, and use a collet block to index the handles. Perhaps undersize the hole and use a shrink fit to a 3/4" mandrel? Or light press fit to a shoulder and use a bolt into the other side mandrel?

Drill press handles are usually angled out from the body. I could cut the angle with the compound on the lathe, then tilt the mill head to drill/tap for the handles..

T Bredehoft

Active User
H-M Supporter - Gold Member ($25)
Dec 27, 2014
I use the short two-hole handle, it spins the screw fast on the middle hole, torques tight on the end hole and doesn't get caught in my sleeve as it goes around. Also you gotta watch out for interference with the Y handle.

Dave Paine

H-M Supporter - Gold Member
H-M Supporter - Gold Member ($25)
May 10, 2014
Before I got a milling machine, I added an X-Y table to the drill press. I made a 3 spoke speed handle from a piece of wood, a 14mm socket epoxied into the wood and the heads of 3 1/4in bolts cut off. The threads go into the knobs. Works for my needs.

Now that I have a milling machine, I have not yet got around to making a speed handle for its vise.



Active User
H-M Supporter - Gold Member ($25)
Dec 20, 2012
I've tried both and the short 2-hole speed handle is far better - smaller so it doesn't get into your sight line too badly, very fast and allows more than enough torque to tighten the vise. Keep in mind that the screw multiplies the torque you apply at the handle; on a 6" Kurt, 10# at the handle applies over 500# of force between the jaws. It doesn't take more than just snug to solidly lock a work piece in place if the vise is square.

Aluminum is fine as a material for this handle; just make the hex fit well. Or buy one - they're cheap for what they are.


Dec 29, 2017
I made my self a speed handle. I bored the aluminum handle out for a shrink fit to sockets I cut off. Even machined the speed handle. Here is the video

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