Welcome PlastiBlocks!

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H-M Supporter - Gold Member
H-M Supporter Gold Member
Apr 12, 2011
I just learned you have joined us a HM sponsor and would like to welcome you. We are glad you are joining us in the pursuit of our hobbies. Unfortunately, I am completely unaware of you and your products and would very much like you to explain and show us what you have to offer. I am really looking forward to hearing from you and your fine company.

Again, Welcome to HM.


H-M Supporter - Commercial Member
H-M Supporter - Commercial Member
Jul 2, 2018
We are very excited to be on this forum. Our site https://www.plastiblocks.com/ explains what we do.

We have developed a new process for injection molding. We believe that there is a very important niche that currently isn't addressed by large plastic rods and blocks suppliers; an economical colored plastic that is easy to machine and work with for the hobbyist and small business market.
We manufacture and supply solid colored machine grade plastics in low stress blocks and rods which don't warp or twist when you machine them.
We currently offer rods and blocks in ABS* and HDPE** and by the end of August will be adding PVC and CAB and by the end of October we plan to add Acetal, Acrylic and Nylon.
We are very competitive in our pricing and believe we are the cheapest on the market.
We also have a new blog where we post tips and accept feedback.
All of our products are made in Canada!

* ABS is an ideal material for structural applications when impact resistance, strength, and stiffness are required. It is widely used for machining prototypes since it has excellent dimensional stability and is easy to paint and glue.
** HDPE offers excellent impact resistance. light weight. low moisture absorption. and high tensile strength


Web Machinist

Oct 8, 2018
I too have been thinking of sponsoring a forum but I am not sure if it would be a good fit or not. I know this is a "Hobby" forum site for machinists so I am not sure if my CNC calculators software would be a good fit? Any input would be very much appreciated.


Dec 29, 2018
Made my first order. Bought a few small things to give these a try.
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